B.D.V-O. part I

January 8, 2009

I challenge Jason L. Clark to a Best Dance Video-off!!!

His first (and possibly last) entry can be found here.

May I present my 1st entry:

Stay tuned for possible continuing updates…


5 Responses to “B.D.V-O. part I”

  1. […] a happy dance video I included on an update. I couldn’t believe it either but our good friend Amy “what you can do I can do better” Baker officially called me out on her […]

  2. Laure Says:

    Amy. What the. I had so many emotions watching that clip. Fear came up more than once. Astonishing that there were that many people on board with that project. If ‘good’ art is supposed to elicit strong reactions, it did it’s job. Whoa. Good find? Thanks for the nightmares.

  3. 6am Says:

    For me, the key scenes involved her dancing through the break dancer’s camera shots.

  4. […] here to tell you IT IS true… rivulet industries was officially challenged by our good friend Amy “What You Can Do I Can Do Better” Baker. I couldn’t believe it […]

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