Made in Michigan

January 12, 2009


Not only did their Lions royally stink this year: their mayor went to jail, their automakers were beatdown by Congress and the city is reported to have a 20% unemployment rate. Detroit is hurting. Hurting real bad. They know this. We all do. Mitch Albom’s recent article for Sports Illustrated The Courage of Detroit is a must read. It reminds us that Detroit is the city that made a US Middle Class possible. They make stuff there. With the current global economic climate – this is a good thing. Albom, and really all of us, should hope it can once again be a great thing.


One Response to “Made in Michigan”

  1. 6am Says:

    Tell me about it. So what happened to Detroit, and why does it suck so much? Also, why did it take $200 from me in 9/99? Should I not have been doubling my bet over and over again at the roulette table? Damn MGM!

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