MadMen Yourself

September 8, 2009

Be Sleek, Be Stylish, Be Yourself…


At some point in high school – I decided that I was born about 40 years to late. I should have been a child at the tale end of the depression,  a teenager & young woman during the innocence of the 50’s, and a totally rockin’ housewife at the height of mid-century goodness in the 1960’s.

While I can’t time travel and change my destiny – I can definitely enjoy some of that 60’s deliciousness as served up by the AMC hit series ‘Mad Men’. Whether you consider yourself a Dirty Martini or a Classic Manhattan – this fun site lets you create a retro version of yourself, or whoever you’d like to be!



February 13, 2009

Some classically awkward moments from The Late Show with David Letterman.

Joaquin Phoenix – 2009 

Farrah Fawcett – 1997

Madonna – 1994

Crispin Glover – 1987